Organic Dark Chocolate w/ Cacao Nibs, Yacon & Acai Endangered Species Brand
The Cocoa Tree Sampson’s Darkest Chocolate, Jack and Ginger & Kelly’s Coffee
Dagoba Organic Chocolate Eclipse & Xocolati
St. Supery, Napa Valley, 2000 Merlot
Juliana, Napa Valley, 2002 Zinfandel
Dogajalo, Tuscany, 2004 Red Table Wine
Markham, Napa Valley, 2002 Petite Sirah
Darioush, Napa Valley, 2001 Red Table Wine
Cuvaison, Napa Valley, 2001 Pinot Noir
Caparone, Santa Maria Valley, 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon
Ferrari-Carano, Sonoma County, 2002 Sienna Red Wine
Ravenswood, California, 2002 Zinfandel
Turnbull, Napa Valley, 2004 Sauvignon Blanc
Torres, Catalunya, Spain, 2004 Nerola
Yogi Tea, Peppermint, Ginger & Peach Detox
Numi, Deep Cleanse & Double Ginger Tea


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