Posted by: pendrops | March 2, 2009

i am an author


When the green semi rolled in with twelve heavy boxes of my labor of love, I became something I have longed to be since I was eleven…maybe younger. A soft winter breeze cooled my face in the light of February sun rays as Jason pulled out his pocketknife and sliced through a thin layer of tape to reveal the shrink-wrapped stacks of my book.

I think it was Anne Lamott or maybe Stephen King who differentiated between writer and author. She or he said that a writer writes. (And this is a good thing, to write. Because we must always, always, write.) But an author is published.

As the exhaust fumes of the semi diffused around me, I became an author holding her published book in hand. In so many ways, I can hardly remember the woman I was when I penned my first post, “I am a Writer.” Funny how things come full circle.

As I enter this strange and exciting season of author-ness, it seems the most appropriate occasion to point you to another site. My official author site. (That’s my pen name…don’t wear it out!)

If you’ve enjoyed Pendrops at any level, I think you’ll love It has some of the same hints of quirky observation, current reads, and links to “Finch Friends.” In fact, for a short time, my posts on Pendrops will be duplicated there.

But it will also have a fresh delicious flavor, seasoned with video blogs, info about upcoming readings and signings, and other funky, Finchy stuff.

So please visit often or sign up for an RSS feed.

And if you’re in the Nashville area, please stop by the As Is Release Party on March 24, anytime from 7-10 pm at The Franklin Mercantile. I would love to see you there!

Finally, thanks for being a Pendropper and supporting my writing habit. Whatever I’m called – writer or author – you have encouraged me more than you will ever know.



  1. Girl, I can only imagine how sweet those exhaust fumes smelled. So unbelievably happy for you- you did it! By the grace of God- you did it! You are running the race and it is BEAUTIFUL to watch. I am jumping up and down with you- God is SO good…


  2. I’m thrilled that we get to take this journey together!

  3. Congratulations dear friend! I am so proud of you and very excited to hold a copy in my hands! Malia and I will be stopping by your release party for sure! Cannot wait and many, many blessings! Love you!

    PS Thank you Jason for being such an amazing husband to my dear friend, thank you for everything you are! May you both be Blessed through this!!

  4. Congratulations!

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

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