Posted by: pendrops | January 14, 2009



I was just sitting here watching Field of Dreams, thinking about crazy people doing even crazier things. And I couldn’t help thinking about Jason’s and my own crazy dream, SWERVE Press. We started SWERVE exactly a year ago. And in a few hours, we’re launching the site and pre-selling my first book, As Is. Seems surreal.

And it looks illogical, too. From just about every angle. We knew nothing about publishing when we started this venture (except that we liked published things). We have never run a business (except a few lemonade stands a couple decades ago). And we have started this publishing business in the middle of a so-called recession.


At the same time, this seems like the perfect time for SWERVE to take the stage. Because a little bit of prudent insanity is just what SWERVE is about. So stop by as we open our cyber doors. You’ll find us just off the beaten path.



  1. Can’t wait!!

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