Posted by: pendrops | October 18, 2008

to vote

I just got done casting my ballot at the early voting facility near my house. No matter how many times I vote, I get choked up. And no, it’s not because I’m so passionate about the candidates and their causes. On the contrary, I feel tremendous indifference toward the politicians I voted for today, irritated and exasperated with the inadequate choices we have for our national leaders, these people who are supposed to represent me.

But all disgruntled-ness aside, I voted. And I got bleary eyed.

Because my uncle, a Vietnam veteran, saw human horrors more tragic and disgusting and haunting than anyone should ever have to see. My father-in-law suffered war, too. Along with countless other men and women – some injured, some dead. Just to secure my freedom to vote.

And because less than 90 years ago, women couldn’t vote. They fought for seventy years – good God, seventy years! – for the honor and privilege and dignity of going to the polls alongside the menfolk. They endured prison cells, social rejection, and physical abuse just to secure my freedom to vote.

Because someday, some 20 years from now, my son or daughter will vote. And the choices I make today – however frustrating or dissatisfying those choices seem – will impact my children. Because if I don’t voice my political opinion, if I don’t lay hold of the costly freedoms bought for me, if I don’t stand with generations of women, who knows if those freedoms will still be there for the taking. So I voted for them. Just to secure their freedom to vote.



  1. Thank you for reminding me to keep this into perspective, and never take the privilege that has become a right for granted.

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