Posted by: pendrops | October 5, 2008


Today, Jason told his story – his beautiful, stained, intricate story – at our church for a series called (Holy) Ghost Stories. And it got me thinking.

So much of what we know about Jesus is linked to story. He did the majority of His teaching by way of story. And when He wasn’t telling stories, He was entering into the narratives of unlikely and unlikeable men and women.

And I think the thing Jesus wants us to know is that we are called to tell our stories. Tell all the ways in which we were innocent, the ways tragedy was introduced into our innocence, the ways we contend against the tragedy, and where resolution can be found for us.

But the catch is, before we can ever go around telling our stories with any kind of power or beauty, we have to tell our stories to ourselves. We have to own our lives – every moment, every milestone, every loss, every grace.

And then, only when we recount our narratives to ourselves, can we dare to listen. Listen for the absurb and arresting ways redemption would be told.



  1. Transparency appears to be an earmark of Christ’s redemptive work in our lives, doesn’t it? And, I agree that by telling our story (to ourselves and others) the story of redemption is also being told. Beautiful thought – thanks KB!

  2. Girl, I’ve got chills.. You are amazing and I just love you! 🙂

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