Posted by: pendrops | June 19, 2008

pondering the sword He brought (& other thoughts)

How delicious to inadvertently get it wrong in the delicate soils of relationship, to misstep in the opposite direction of better judgment, to fail at momentary wisdom & find that hallowed ground where pride is shed in fine, supernatural fashion (because it is a hot sticky mess not easily shrugged off), a delightful diffidence descending over all things bothered.

And how delectable in that erring to disrupt, to discombobulate yourself, to soldier out of dysfunction & disease, and find your side of the fence, the place where you are you and nobody else, the field of green grasses where you find yourself true and well.

And how scrumptious to discover the disapproval of them, to unbury the displeasure, to stumble, for the first time (though you suspect it has been always there) over their disdain for who you would become, & even still hear the breath of Grace whispering your name – your deepest, most genuine name – as she sings, “You are received. You are treasured. You are loved. Follow me.”

Over and over again, her cadence falls around you; so convincingly that the refrain seeps into every sense like a golden fragrant song you taste against your skin.

And how pleasant to watch as pedestals and their toppling idols crumble; earth and heaven, heart and soul shaken by the Truth that the greatest Lover history has ever known brought a sword – to cut, to call, to heal, to free.

Always to free.

*Matthew 10:34-39



  1. I’ve got chills. Beautiful and yes…freeing… đŸ™‚

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