Posted by: pendrops | June 16, 2008

a kind of sun

There is something fantastical and otherly in you

That I can’t put my finger on,

Something originastical & unique-ful,

Some extraordinary-ness, some rarity

A fingerprint on your soul,

beauty-full, wonder-full, brilliant and bright,

Blazing forth bold and radiant,

Undimmedly casting your incomparable shine and sheen

Over shadowed and shaded places.

A kind of sun, you are.


*Happy Birthday, my love. 



  1. That’s one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever read. Thank you!

    I’m glad to be spending my birthday with you…

  2. That’s the best birthday gift. It brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your life with my son in such a selfless way.

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