Posted by: pendrops | March 19, 2008

h2o for everyone


This week’s Non-Weekly Mid-Week Pick of the Week (aka, nwmwp) is World Water Day.

In 1992, the UN deemed March 22 World Water Day to raise awareness about the lack of clean, safe drinking water around the world.

A few stats:

Nearly 1.1 billion people (roughly 20% of the world’s population) lack access to safe drinking water (WaterAid, 2005).

Lack of clean, safe drinking water is estimated to kill almost 4,500 children per day (UNICEF/WHO 2005).

Women and young girls in rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world must trek as much as six miles everyday to retrieve water for their families (UNESCO/ International Year of Fresh Water 2003).

$1 can provide a year of water for an African (Blood:Water Mission).

If any of this info makes you curious to learn more or drives you to action, check out World Water Day or Blood:Water Mission.


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