Posted by: pendrops | March 15, 2008

active soils


I’m sitting here, glimpsing the calendar in my kitchen, shaking my head in grateful disbelief at the one, two, three…the past nine days. They have been non-stop, but that good kind of non-stop, on every possible level. They have been days of freedom, opportunity, ache, vision, labor, favor, grace, mercy, healing, brokenness, restoration, transformation, conversation and celebration.

But now, with those nine, tightly packed days behind me, I have reacquainted myself with rest, silence, stillness, shalom.

[insert deep cleansing breath here]

Listening to the dryer spin and flip the last small load of darks. Inhaling the aroma of rain outside an open window and licorice slipping lazily up from my steaming tea mug. My carrot cake rice-milk ice cream, with strong hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and gingerbread, dances coolly over my palate. I spy the unvacuumed carpet and a spot on the tile by the front door, but I don’t care – I’m being.

Jason and I will go for a walk in a while, at the park where we fell in love. We’ll talk about dreams, praises, hopes, old & new chapters.

And I feel . . . what do I feel? Content, new, refreshed, inspired, beautiful, satisfied, filled, thankful. And expectant, too. Expectant about the weeks ahead, when I will happen upon green and sprouted seedlings of all I planted in the active soils of last week.



  1. Girl, I am So proud of you and SO thankful the Lord has put you in my life. You sharpen me in your struggles and your victories and yes even in those times when one or both of us are so frustrated we can’t even see straight. I hope you two enjoyed your walk and I’m so glad the Lord brought Jason into your life. And like I’ve said a million times- when God brings a guy along for me one day I’m sending him to your hubby for lessons and that’s no joke! 😉

    Love you, love you, love you!

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