Posted by: pendrops | March 4, 2008

heart’s home (rainy napa morning)


The cool rain and misty sky outside my window this morning reminded me of Napa. Napa on April 10, 2006, when Jason and I woke to the sound of gurgling drops trickling down the drainpipe and gentle drips tapping out rhythms on our balcony ledge. Barely budding vines stood within walking distance and the aroma of honeysuckle, mustard and Rose of Sharon infused the heavy air.

It doesn’t smell like that in our thriving mini-metropolis. And there are no vines about to burst. But the rain; it is the same. And the mist on a hill. And I crave my heart’s home.




  1. I recently discovered your blog by way of “littleblackdesk.” I enjoy reading your perceptive, imaginative entries, and agree that the voice of language is forgotten or not encouraged anymore. Happy writing, d:)

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