Posted by: pendrops | February 25, 2008

a guy who loves his mom


People are people, you know. That’s what I decided after Javier Bardem won his Best Supporting Actor award for No Country For Old Men.

I had already been adequately entertained by my annual date with the Academy and its golden boy. The antics, the hilarity, the movies I’ve never heard of. But then Javier took the stage to accept his award. He thanked the Academy, his co-stars, and the arguably insane director duo quickly.

Then, with a deep breath, he apologized to the audience and proceeded to spend more than half of his “thanks time” expressing excited gratitude to his mom en Espanol.

But it wasn’t just Bardem who endeared me. I again found myself welling up when Marion Cotillard accepted her Best Actress award for La Vie en Rose. And not just because I’ve seen her flawless performance in the complex and devastating bio-pic of Edith Piaf. It was her tears, her hugs, her humility, her great gratitude – a heart that reminded me of my own dearest friends.

But it wasn’t just Cotillard either. For the third time, I was moved toward tears by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova‘s acceptance of their Best Song Award for “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once. Particularly memorable was Jon Stewart bringing Irglova back out on stage after the commercial break because she had been cut off from giving her thanks.

It’s so easy to make assumptions about people, especially celebrities. To believe they’re untouchable, elite, even a bit freakish with their sometimes outspoken and extreme opinions. But people are people when everything is stripped away.

I don’t know much about Glen and Marketa, but their speech filled with words like “hope” and “dream” sounded like the buzzwords Jason and I use in so many of our conversations. And I don’t know much about Marion, but she reminds me of so many of my passionate and sweet girlfriends. I don’t know much about Javier either. But I do know that the heart with which he thanked his mom was good and kind. And you gotta love a guy who loves his mom.



  1. You are right on. I wish I would have been in there to see the “madre espanol” moment, but I did see the rest. There was something very unpretentious and raw in the way Marion Cotillard, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova accepted their awards. It was refreshing to see the almost embarrassing way they responded. It was a sharp contrast to the arrogance and faux polish we see in Hollywood.

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