Posted by: pendrops | February 23, 2008

stronger than ever


“No-no-what?” I asked Jason in a groggy scratch-throat whisper.

“The Norovirus. That’s what you had. It’s a type of stomach flu, worse than the plain ole flu, babe. You’re a trooper.”

I tried to crack a smile, but it made me nauseas, so I sighed bravely instead.

Even today, 72 solid hours removed from my 24-hour episode prostrate before the porcelain throne, I’m still a tad queasy, still too weak to stand completely straight.

Thankfully, I only get this sick about once every 29 years, so my recent battle against aforementioned Norovirus has given me something to think about. Namely immunity.

“You feel like you’re never gonna get sick again, don’t you?” my dad asked as we laughed about our common and recent viruses.

“I do. I feel stronger than ever,” I replied.

After I hung up, I got to thinking and I decided it’s good to get the Norovirus every once in a while. Because without Norovirus, that wicked bastard child of the stomach flu, we walk around with weak, untested, pansy-ass immune systems that can’t stand up to the sniffles or a little cough. It’s good to have a daunting fight, a demanding challenge, a doubtful battle.

Because it’s the virus that makes us strong.



  1. I’ve been there – in the past 6 months! Yick! I know what you went through. So sorry. Glad you are feeling stronger. 🙂

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