Posted by: pendrops | February 14, 2008

naked with carson


“Zero isn’t a size…it’s a warning sign.” ~ C. Kressley

Carson Kressley is my hero. I know what you’re thinking…just go with me on this.

First off, if you don’t know, Carson is the blond-headed, fast-talking, and all-around hilarious guy synonymous with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. With Queer Eye behind him, he’s moved on to host a new show, potentially one of the most important shows to grace cable TV.

I found How To Look Good Naked on iTunes a few days ago and was amazed at what I saw. Where shows like The Swan and Extreme Makeover, with their self-important team of plastic surgeons and Nazi-esque fitness trainers, tell us that we can’t be beautiful unless we torture our bodies and undergo extensive plastic surgery, Carson inspires women to love what they got – and love it naked.

Dig the show’s intro, spoken by Carson as a gaggle of women – real women – follow him down the street:

“I’m here to begin a perception revolution. Join me if you think that beauty extends beyond a size zero. Come along with me if you don’t want to be like 4 out of 5 women who hate their bodies. Unite if you’re ready to turn body-loathing into body-loving. It’s time to start shedding those layers because I don’t just want you to accept what you see in the mirror. And I don’t just want you to like what you see in the mirror. I want you to flaunt it…naked!”

In a short burst of theme music, a woman sings, “Your body is beautiful.”

In the first episode, Carson takes Layla, a woman who has hated her body for more than 20 years (and she’s only 32), in front of a three-way mirror, has her strip to bra and panties, and points out the beauty of her body – as is.

“Is your body perfect? No. Is it beautiful? Yes,” he tells Layla as she cries about her reflection, desperately wanting to believe him.

He continues shattering the lies Layla has bought into for two decades and, by the end of the show, she is genuinely changed: confident, coming out of her frump-girl shell, and posing for a photo shoot…nudey-booty!

Now, before you think I’m condoning something I’m not, these “nude” pics are not explicit or gratuitous. In fact, they are the opposite. Rather than objectifying a woman, on Naked a woman’s entire unique story shines, beautifully and gracefully accentuated. Carson and the Naked team begin a transformation process in these women that has everything to do with the heart and mind…and nothing to do with facelifts, tummy tucks or breast implants. They are helping women believe the truth that they are exquisite creations, fearfully and wonderfully made – no nips, tucks, ifs, ands or big butts about it.

As the first episode of Naked wrapped, I found myself smiling, laughing, breathing deep cleansing breaths, and celebrating with a woman who had previously refused to put full-length mirrors in her home because she hated what she saw. With nothing but a flimsy piece of black silk covering her derrière, the camera flashed and she smiled. Carson smiled. I smiled.

And long after the show was over, I still smiled. Smiled because someone in our culture is finally telling us the truth about our beautiful bodies. Because Naked is putting the reality in reality TV. Because a gay guy with a story of his own is reminding a sometimes-insecure girl that what she sees in the mirror is beautiful. As is.


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