Posted by: pendrops | January 8, 2008

pendrops picks


Do you ever run across the greatest thing ever and wish you could do one of those late-night infomercials for it. (Please tell me I’m not the only one.) For years, I’ve felt that way about my generic brand Berkinstock-style sandals that I’ve had for 16 years. I’ve walked in oceans, on mountains, in cathedrals and through mean streets only to have my trusty sandals soldier on under my unforgiving stride.

There are few things that equal the awesome-ness of my faux-Berkinstocks, but I’ve recently come across a few “musts,” that I just had to pass on to my fellow Pendroppers. So, without further adieu, I offer you Pendrops Picks!

9 Fruits – If you live within a 50-mile radius of Franklin, Tennessee, you must visit 9 Fruits and the two Cali brothers who run the joint. They’re as likable (and cute, for you single ladies) as can be as they humbly put Smoothie King’s mystery mixtures to shame. At 9 Fruits it’s as simple as fruit, pure juices and low-sugar, non-preservative frozen yogurt (for you lactose lovers). And it’s just the right price: $3.75 for 16 ounces of thick, brimming yummy-ness that could serve as breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner!

MyChelle Skin Care – For several months, I’ve been battling (and losing) against some mild acne. That is, until MyChelle Skin Care. The first thing I noticed about MyChelle is that it smells good enough to eat. (In fact, don’t tell anyone, but I just had to taste the Incredible Pumpkin Peel the other day. And you know…not bad.) What’s more: I learned that it’s completely organic, the absolute best most non-toxic stuff I could put on my face. Oh, and it gets better: no animal testing. It’s also reasonably priced and available at Whole Foods. As if that’s not enough, MyChelle goes above and beyond by giving a portion of the profits to both the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods. And this is the same stuff that gets rid of my zits.

Finding Balance – The media lies to us about beauty. Deceitful voices drown out the reality of who we are. Our own eyes are blind to our inherent radiance when it comes to the way we were made…and who made us in His image. That’s why I check out Finding Balance on a regular basis for a healthy dose of clarity, truth, & light.

Derek Webb, The Ringing Bell – I’ve had this album sitting in my iTunes shopping cart since its release and finally got a little mad money to make the purchase. Webb angered me for years, back when I saw the world in black and white. Now that I glimpse the gray everywhere, he’s one of my favorites. Asking all the right questions with honest, unflinching lyrics, he’s bound to make you mad, make you think, make you tap your feet, make you go deep. If you only check out one song, make it “A Savior on Capitol Hill” – quite apropos for this here election year.

Atonement – Let me say up front, this poignant flick is rated R, so be prepared for adult content (none of which is gratuitous). Just don’t let it stop you from seeing this haunting, unforgettable story. The film itself is visually and sonically beautiful, the actors are flawless in their portrayals, the script sparse and subtle, and the silences and spaces powerful. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 83% (wicked good) and it’s up for 7 Golden Globes. If you love movies that leave you with questions, curiosity and a new brand of hope, you will not be disappointed in Atonement.



  1. aww, i know the 9 fruits brothers through our group at church! however, i still have yet to go get a smoothie!

    i saw derek webb and his wife perform at 3rd&lindsley a couple of months ago. love the album. “she must and shall go free” album is still my fav, though.

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