Posted by: pendrops | November 14, 2007

talitha cumi


Can’t see nothing in front of me,
Can’t see nothing comin’ up behind;
Make my way through the darkness,
Can’t feel nothing but this chain that binds me.
~ The Rising
, Springsteen

Last week was odd. No way around it. A dear and older friend of Jason’s died from kidney failure. A woman I know from a distance, along with her two little girls, buried her young husband. And, in between funerals, I sang at the wedding of a close friend.

And the funerals and wedding were just a few brushstrokes on the canvas of the past two weeks, weeks brimming with tears and pleadings for myself, for loved ones, for strangers; for deliverance from physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual disease; for healing and wholeness in the midst of deep brokenness and abiding pain.

And all the tragedies and trials, notions and emotions, crashing one after another into my soul have left me lifeless, at a loss for how to arise.

Then, today, just as my heart felt that distant warming of a dawning sun, I came across a few paragraphs by Frederick Buechner about the rising that occurs, can only occur, in death and dying.

“Jesus took the little girl’s hand, and he told her to get up, and she did. The mother and father were there, Mark says. The neighbors, the friends. It is a scene to conjure with.

“’Little girl, get up,’ he says … talitha cumi … They may be the best words we have to make it possible to get up ourselves.”

Moments later, The Boss serendipitously sang in my iPod as I pondered the ancient story of a dead girl waked up:

“Come on up for the rising. Come on up, lay your hand in mine.”

So I did. I waked. I arose. Because Light and Glory has come. Even in night, in oddness, in dying, in death.



  1. Thank you. Wonderful piece.

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