Posted by: pendrops | October 15, 2007

trees breathing


I sort of do want to hug them, I thought, laughing as the sun played hide-and-seek behind trunks and larger branches.

But I decided against it since trees aren’t human, not even mammals, and it would probably look a little odd to the woman trailing me with her cocker spaniel. Even still, on my walk this morning in a nearby park, I found myself deeply moved by the beauty of the trees around me.

As I passed fir trees, close enough for pine needles to tickle my arm, I inhaled and closed my eyes.

“Hmm, smells like Christmas,” I whispered.

When I opened my eyes, I exhaled and saw hundreds of hardwoods, boasting every shade of chartreuse while shedding crunchy golden jewels at my feet. As I breathed in again, I couldn’t help feeling that in some inexplicable way, this swooshing and swaying foliage was breathing with me.

I found myself under a thick canopy of trees a moment later and laughed quietly as I remembered Mr. Wizard and particularly the episode about trees breathing. He taught us that trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, exhaling the air we need, inhaling in the air we’ve used.

I breathed in again and studied the tree line encircling me, thinking about all the changes Jason and I had made in the past several months, how good all this green stuff had been for us, how alive and whole we’ve felt. We’ve become aware of the role trees, and so many other green things, play in our health and our lives, these good things that God has given to us. And we’ve done some things about that, things to make sure we’re taking care of creation well.

But I couldn’t help smiling as I rounded the last corner, realizing that I didn’t need to hug a tree, or do anything else, to really appreciate them. All I had to do was breathe.

*This post brought to you by Blog Action Day.



  1. Loved this. I know exactly how you feel. People think I’m crazy. Let everything that hath life praise God!

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