Posted by: pendrops | October 3, 2007



How do you seize a moment in stand-still traffic, lost in a giant city, with a dead cell phone?

How do you invite grace; or enter it?

How do you glorify?

How do you smile?

How do you laugh when you’re supposed to be meeting your husband for dinner on the other side of this strange suburb and you can’t even call to say you’re late?

How do you do so many of those risky and daring and unusual things that risky and daring and unusual people like Jesus and Paul and Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King did when you have to tinkle like nobody’s business and you passed up the chance an hour ago when you were asking for directions because you were so sure you were only 20, maybe 30, minutes away?

And now, you’re around another curve, on another “Peachtree” street (is this one Peachtree Industrial, Peachtree Avenue, Peachtree Circle, Peachtree Pike, Peachtree…), you can’t see the intersection from where you’ve been sitting for half an hour, rationalizing wetting your pants because the pain is unbearable, wondering why you haven’t seen a CVS for the past 45 minutes since there’s always one on every corner, but maybe you need a gas station instead because you’ve just realized you’re low on fuel and an hour ago you told your husband, “See you in 15 minutes,” and are you even on the right “Peachtree” anymore?

How do you show up for that moment, with all its rawness, its self pity, its bladder pain?

You say, “I have no idea where I am, sort of don’t know where I’m going either, but I know it can’t last forever. I know worst case scenario will put me back at the hotel late with no dinner, but to a warm bed, cool water, refreshing shower, clean jammies and a piece of dark chocolate.”

You get thankful; even hopeful.

Then you look up from scribbling in your notebook and see the Peachtree you were looking for: Peachtree Boulevard.



  1. oh atlanta is a nightmare without a good map and directions.

  2. oh no, you were caught in the web of peachtrees! much sympathy but also laughing with you (after the fact! : ) despite the crazy night i hope you are having a great time!

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