Posted by: pendrops | September 17, 2007



“Do I have anything in my teeth,” I asked through grinning and gritted teeth.

“No,” my coworker replied, laughing, as we walked into the small recording studio.

“I just had some trail mix…can’t believe…Larry…really?…I mean, I’m reading Inside Out…I can’t believe he’s…I wish Jason…I have his book in my bag right now…my stars, I just can’t….”

I stammered and stuttered and stopped and started several sentences as we walked into the humble studio where my boss, Michael Card, records his weekly radio show, among other things. Little did I know that my twice-a-week morning in the office would find me serendipitously intersecting with Michael and theological granddaddy, Larry Crabb, in amiable and inviting conversation.

“Just sit here,” my coworker said quietly, pointing to a chair directly behind Larry. “And stay awhile,” she said, patting my shoulder as she turned to head back to the office.

No problem, I thought as I watched the two men chat and laugh about ordinary matters in ordinary ways before the digital tape started rolling.

“All right, we’re rolling,” the producer said a few minutes later. As I listened to Larry and Michael talk about Larry’s latest book, The PAPA Prayer, I shook my head at the unexpected moment I had walked into. You see, Dr. Crabb’s writings have intensely inspired Jason and me through insightful albeit accessible books like The Pressure’s Off. Imagine walking into work and finding one of your most beloved spiritual teachers sitting at your desk chit-chatting about what he did over the weekend with your boss.

My spirit laughed while the two talked.

“All the music legends and wanna-be celebrities in Nashville and, here I am, praying that this paunchy, middle-aged modern-day theologian will turn around and give me a wave or even a nod and, if I’m lucky, an autograph in my book or a hand shake later on.”

I listened for twenty-some minutes, but had to get to work and it was clear that Larry’s back would stay turned the whole time (not on purpose, mind you…it was just a logistical thing). So, unfortunately, I never got that wave or nod.  (Maybe if I’d tried the PAPA prayer?)

Still, I got something better, I decide later on.

First off, I got a giggle in my spirit, which is rare and always worth cherishing.

But equally important, I got this simple reminder about the exceptional-ness of our days, our minutes and seconds. Without warning, I found myself in this sacred little moment where I silently interacted with an ordinary man who God has used extra-ordinarily in my life, in my husband’s life. And it was just your run-of-the-mill Monday.

I wonder if our days really are as run-of-the-mill as we think.



  1. Your such a great writer. I’m glad I met you at borders that day. I can put a person with the words. Keep up your amazing talent!!!

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