Posted by: pendrops | September 11, 2007

beyond the webs


Since moving into our new apartment a couple months ago, I have been consumed by one thing: spiders. They are relentless, they are persistent, they are everywhere – except inside, thank God.

Ever since I can remember (age six, maybe seven), I’ve been terrified of spiders. They’re just so menacing, so gross, so unpredictable. And can we all agree that Halloween doesn’t help with its ominous, fear-inducing portrayals of web-slingers? I’m getting better, but my heart still quickens and the goosebumps rise on my legs when I see them.

And now we can’t step out of the safety of our walls – whether onto the deck or through our front door – without doing a slow and steady scan to be sure there’s not a gigantic eight-legged insect with bug guts dripping from his pie hole. Usually there is one, dangling, launching out, and tempting us to smash him with a shoe or shoot him with our potent botanical blend of non-toxic pesticide.

You see, our eco-friendly pesticides kill on command, leave effective residual, and do an overall decent job of deterring the creepy crawlies. But, living in an apartment that cozies up to the woods as well as having a deck positioned next to a blinding spotlight that draws every flying pest in a fifty-mile radius does not help the situation.

And the problem isn’t isolated to our apartment. It’s throughout the entire building. Webs in the stairwell. Flaccid and dying junebugs waiting to become a feast. Thousands of hairy eyes watching us residents take the very treacherous walk from our apartments to the parking lot. In fact, one of my new pastimes consists of pulling filmy, flowy strands of webbing from my hair and clothes and eyelashes.

But today, I saw something for the first time that stopped me dead and took my breath away: the view. Beyond all the webs, we have this panoramic, picturesque view of hills and tree lines from our third floor breezeway. And have I mentioned the breeze? I noticed that for the first time today, too. A glorious breeze whips past our door, even if the air is near-motionless the way it was this morning.

I stood on the landing where the majority of these nocturnal fiends congregate, abide and gorge, and I took in the view. The misty, September 11th sky, with its hopeful hint of sun peaking through one rogue opening in the clouds, interrupted by green hills and distant birds, interrupted me. The air, it wrapped around and embraced me; it kissed my face. And I forgot about the spiders, forgot about my fears.

And it felt right on a day like this.



  1. i hate to tell you this but i think all the spiders around our complex have migrated to your building. i haven’t noticed the spider party at mine. but hey, at least you don’t have ridiculous neighbors anymore, right?!

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