Posted by: pendrops | August 15, 2007

lipstick helps


Lipstick helps
A good haircut helps, too
& lavender – lavender essential oil diluted in fresh water, spritzed on the face during the afternoon descent of a wicked August sun

Dark chocolate & green tea helps, too, along with recycling
Sometimes tofu helps, if it’s seasoned just right;
& olive oil always helps
Ripe tomatoes help a great deal;
& sweet potatoes, even more

Music helps, with songs about forgiveness & beauty, mercy & honest love,
Sometimes even songs without words
Open windows accompanied by cool breezes & rain showers help immensely
A sunset, a sunrise, a star wink, a moon climb – they all help

Ocean tides & bird songs, mountain peaks & wildflowers help
Trees & morning walks help a lot
A kiss is the best help;
Or is it laughter with friends

Gratefulness helps maybe most of all;
for all the things from the hand of God that daily help us navigate a broken world
& a wounded life;
that remind us of peace, joy, dancing, love, & hope,
& the Word that spoke it all


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