Posted by: pendrops | August 14, 2007

this journey


Now I live,
I breathe,
For an audience of One
Because I know
This journey is my own…

Sara Groves, Conversations

A few months ago, I wrote about being in a sponge season, soaking in truths that are releasing me toward the passions that God has called me to, toward eternal matters, toward the version of me that He’s always intended. It seems in every aspect of life – spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, financial, intellectual, vocational – God has set off the alarm of my soul and waked me up to the real stuff, the best stuff, the bigger picture, the great journey.

And I am beside myself with a joy that comes with freedom, wholeness, and the nearness of God as He continues to inundate my heart and mind, changing everything, transforming every thought, inviting me on this journey with Him and giving me Jason to share it all with.

That said, the journey is treacherous. It is a daring undertaking to run after freedom, to chase truth, to pursue the God of the universe. There is brokenness. There is loss. There are the shattered remains of favorite idols. There is opposition. There is ridicule. There is misunderstanding. There is conflict. There is danger.

And there is no arrival, no end, on this go-around. That comes later, when with resurrected eyes we can see the perfected finished work we were always moving toward. But here, now, there will be countless sidetracks on the way, all sorts of paths better left un-tread, plenty of backtracking, stumbling, crawling, missing turns.

But the journey of becoming like Christ and becoming the closest version of who He made us to be is good. Though messy, it resonates in eternity even now and puts a smile on the face of a King as we become a part of His kingly work.

I have no doubt you’re experiencing the same type of revelations and inspiration, moving closer to the deepest heart of God. If there are any books, teachings, music, movies, or anything else that has opened your eyes to freedom and truth, please share it here next time you stop by.

Here are a few of the vehicles God has used to get my attention lately:

Rob Bell and Mars Hill Bible Church, Grand Rapids – Rob’s recent sermon series, “God is Green” (which you can still get for free if you hurry) has given me new eyes to see God’s heartbeat for the whole of His creation and to join others in stewarding it well. MHBC also has incredible guest speakers that offer true, refreshing perspective on God’s word in addition to Rob’s teaching.

Erwin McManus and Mosaic Church, Los Angeles – Erwin’s out-of-the-box teaching has inspired urgency in me toward the calling of God on my life and how that fits in the greater work He is doing in His world.

Captivating by Stasi Eldredge – Yes, a little girly. (The cover of a princess and her castle in the distance doesn’t help.) But truth nonetheless. Think the female version of Wild at Heart. Ladies, read it to taste the beauty and freedom that is yours in Christ. Fellas, read it to know how to better love your ladies.

Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott – She’s a feisty one, that Anne. While Anne and I would disagree on some theological matters, and even more political matters, her words have embraced me like few others. She is my evidence that all truth is God’s truth…and that we will indeed be surprised about who ends up as our neighbor in heaven!

Eat This Book by Eugene H. Peterson – The man is a prophet for our times, speaking truth and living free the way few others do. I mean, only a man this determined, this inspired, would turn down an invitation to spend a day with Bono and the U2 gang. Peterson helps us read the Bible with the same hunger and voracious-ness as we would eat a feast, showing us how to live what we read and make it real in the everyday stuff.

Failing Forward by John Maxwell – As one who tends toward perfectionism, I need to hear all the time that failure is not the end, that there’s no such thing as perfect, that failing is maybe even good. While I’ve never been a huge Maxwell fan, this book is HUGE for me, healing and invigorating broken places.

Boundaries by Drs. Cloud and Townsend – A classic, this book literally seems to breathe as it teaches us how to love well in the midst of living for an audience of One and being who God means for us to be.

The book of Ezekiel, by God – I’ve been in Ezekiel the past month and am amazed that, despite the continual turning away of His people, God shows compassion, mercy, and saving power “for the sake of His name” always.

Mockingbird by Derek Webb – When Webb released this album in 2006, it seemed nearly every song rubbed up against my black-and-white worldview. Now that I’m discovering all the gray shades, I can’t get enough of it. It is in-your-face, unflinching, unapologetic, thought-provoking, an artistic work that motivates change.

Sara Groves – Her conversational, honest lyrics and easy melodies are the recipe for soul-stirring and soul-resting in me. All of her songs, on any album, give me a place to heal, rest, think, dance and journey.



  1. Great post. I’m sayin’ amen to most of the stuff you referenced. And you’ve got me convinced to read the Peterson book NEXT. 🙂

    One book, one CD, and one recent conversation (in that order) that have played some part recently in keeping me centered on God’s truth:

    Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. This book consistently challenged me over the past few weeks to rethink the way I interact with people and the way I view the world.

    Devils and Dust by Bruce Springsteen. This folky album by The Boss has been out for a few years, but I can’t stop listening. Themes of sin, brokenness, hope, love, and redemption permeate this masterpiece.

    A recent conversation with YOU, which opened my eyes a little to watch for God’s vision for the future, and not just my own.

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