Posted by: pendrops | June 26, 2007

scout-like walk


I’ve said it before; I am a sponge. God has been pouring out His life-waters so richly in recent days that I can hardly keep up.

But what I’ve found with these new awarenesses and learnings is that I’ve become frustrated. Thankfully, last night, God was intent on showing me a clearer picture of what it’s like between us when He’s teaching, guiding, and reproving.

I had popped in my favorite movie, To Kill A Mockingbird. About 30 minutes into the story, Scout has done something that requires Atticus to set her straight, to discipline her. And he does. But as he does, he sits next to her on the porch swing, pulls her to his side, wraps his arm around her, and gently explains how she needs to behave.

After their conversation, he smiles, helps her hop down from the swing, and pats her back as she skips off.

I paused the movie to think, to thank, to receive this picture of the way God reproves and disciplines me; gentle, tender, even smiling at the opportunity to teach and guide me.

I kept watching the movie, this sweet image lingering with me, and it wasn’t long before Scout again needed reproving. And again, Atticus took her to his side, put his arm around her, explained things, told her what to do and what not to do, and sent her on her way.

I have a Scout-like walk, I decided; I need constant teaching, constant guidance, constant mercy. But I also have a Dad who, no matter how many times I miss it, pulls me to His side, wraps His arms around me, corrects me, and then smiles as I skip off.



  1. What a beautiful picture of God’s gracious discipline. That’s an important contrast to what the world often thinks of about a father’s guidance.

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