Posted by: pendrops | June 21, 2007

in season


Red Peppers

I haven’t gotten a single thing on my list, I thought as my eyes scanned the broccoli, mustard greens, squash, and green beans in my tote bag. As I made my way around the last few stands at the Franklin Farmers Market, I kept my eye out for a miracle farm that grew all the produce on my list.

“Fourth July. That’s when red tomatoes’ll be ripe,” the broad-shouldered, overall-wearing woman answered in response to my question about il pomodoro. Wiping her forehead with a blue bandana, she said, “Damn frost did it. That ‘n the drought.”

I nodded and picked out two sweet potatoes.

“T’ll be a dollar,” she said while I fished out four quarters. “An’ you’ll just have to wait a bit longer for them tomatoes.”

She chuckled as I smiled and thanked her. She knew something powerful that I was only just learning.

You’ll just have to wait…

Buying from local growers these past several weeks has proven very different from the typical grocery store escapades where I’d pick out every little delight my heart desired. I’ve discovered at the farmers market, my heart’s desires may not be in season.

So I’m learning to take what God gives through the earth, in His season, within bike-riding distance of my home. And on deeper levels, I’m learning to wait with patience and contentment for the desires of tomorrow. To enjoy the feast here today. Besides, fresh broccoli grown down the road is delicious. And tomatoes’ll be ripe Fourth July.


If you live near Franklin, c’mon out to the Franklin Farmers Market. If you live somewhere else, find a farmers market in your area. Here are some super-great reasons to buy local.



  1. i pretty much had that exact same experience recently!

  2. you really are becoming a true granolla aren’t you! 😉

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