Posted by: pendrops | June 14, 2007

going green and still courtesy flushing


Some of you may remember my post about courtesy flushing a few months back and know how important this practice is to me. Well, today I walked into a public bathroom and instantly became the victim of a discourteous non-flusher.

As soon as I reached for my nose to pinch it shut, I heard a voice. It was the little green angel that has recently carpooled onto my shoulder saying, “This toilet paper isn’t recycled…the toilet doesn’t have a low-volume tank…AND YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT COURTESY FLUSHING, MISSY!”

I have to laugh at the unexpected corners my latest awarenesses have reached into. I had no idea going green would infringe on my delight, nay, my fervent belief and undying advocacy, of the courtesy flush.

But the facts are that we use a lot of water unnecessarily; water that’s also being polluted so fast that our children’s children may end up a very thirsty lot.

Is the courtesy flush just a luxury, I wondered as I left the rank bathroom.

My malodorous episode in il bagno stinko reminded me that balance and moderation, those wise old sisters, apply to green livin’ as much as they do consumption, technology and flushing. That eco-actions are not about legalism or bondage; but have their deepest roots in freedom. That as much as we seek to live more whole-istic and responsible lives, we cannot deny the world we find ourselves in.

And, I think you’d all agree, sometimes the world we live in demands a courtesy flush.



  1. Yeah, and its ok to use more than one square!

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