Posted by: pendrops | May 7, 2007

this lounge chair thing


lounge: (v) to spend time lazily, lolling or idly sauntering; to pass time indolently; to recline…

“Surprise!” I heard Jason say as I stood in the bedroom folding laundry and listening to the stovetop timer screaming “dinner’s ready, dinner’s ready, dinner’s ready” with each beep. As I set down a stack of t-shirts and walked into the living room, I found Jason sitting in one of the outdoor lounge chairs we had planned on buying in another week.

“Woo-hoo!” I shouted.

“I got a deal, baby,” he said, his eyes twinkling as he pushed himself to a nearly horizontal position in the chair.

He proceeded to tell me how the chairs went on a huge sale the day after we looked at them and that he wanted to surprise me.

After doing a short-lived and invigorating happy dance around the chairs, we excitedly brought the outdoor loungers onto the porch and prepared to spend the evening under a cloudless May sky reading, writing and chatting in our new favorite chairs.

After a few minutes though, I pushed myself upright again. “I can’t write,” I said. “And I can’t hold my book up very long without my hands falling asleep. Hmmm…” I continued trying to get comfy in the reclined position while, at the same time, accomplishing some other task, even something as relaxing as reading, but I simply couldn’t.

I glanced at the Adirondack chairs stacked in the corner of the deck. We’d been using them the past year and I longed for another moment of multitasking in my little hard-plastic paradise. Balancing a book on one armrest, my computer on the other, while talking on the phone and painting my toenails, for example. These new chairs didn’t allow for such indulgences. If I was going to sit in this new lounger, that’s just what I had to do: lounge.

Thinking about reclining reminded me of Jesus, of how he reclined at so many tables. (I.e., “…and He went in, and reclined at the table,” Luke 11:37.) Several texts paint a picture that shows us when God Incarnate ate with the disciples and tax collectors, He actually reclined at the table, engaging in one thing, one thing only. I pushed myself back in my chair and thought about this novel idea, this old idea, this concept of resting.

I rarely, if ever, rest. There’s so much to be rest-less about, isn’t there? No matter how many times I’m presented with the opportunity to relax, or taught the art of ceasing, I find a way to do many things at once. Even when I’m watching a movie, I simultaneously take to folding clothes, sending emails or crocheting. But these loungers, which bring my legs level with my head and heart, are teaching me something already.

Before diving into this post, I leaned back, took a deep breath, and briefly star-gazed as a few pin-pricks of light flickered timidly on the velvet sky. And I decided I could get used to this lounge chair thing. I could get used to resting.



  1. dern… you’re bringing out the big guns now…

    yet one more post I’ll be sending to my lovely for her to learn from 😉

  2. You mentioned folding laundry twice in this post and you’ve mentioned it several times in articles before. I think I know what the problem is girl: You’re always washing clothes!

    What are you and Jason doing? Wallering around in the mud every night? Quit gettin’ your dern clothes so dirty and you’ll have more time to rest!


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