Posted by: pendrops | April 30, 2007

Non-Daily QOTD and more


You may have noticed that Pendrops has not been updated with as many articles in the past couple weeks. That is partly due to an uber-busy calendar and partly due to time spent revamping the site. In the coming weeks, you’ll find new features, but the Pendrops flair you’ve come to know and love this year will stay the same!

One of the features I’m excited about is the Pendrops Non-Daily Quote of the Day (NDQOTD), which you’ll find below. The NDQOTD will come from real people like my husband, Jason, me, friends, family, and even strangers, and will keep Pendroppers guessing as to what ordinary moment brought on such extra-ordinary words.

Of course, you can always look forward to Pendrops articles, but stay tuned for more variety at Pendrops in the days and weeks ahead.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by to visit. Enjoy your first NDQOTD…


I wish I had some magic shoes.
– Jason Barmer


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