Posted by: pendrops | April 7, 2007



Hope. That is what fills me, that is what I find myself steeping in on this day before Jason’s and my first year anniversary.

This year has been my sweetest, my richest, my hardest. Risking, laughing, crying, talking for hours over candle-lit pasta in red sauce and a Napa Cab, watching 24 episodes in bulk till 2 in the morning, playing music, playing cards, playing BookWorm on our computers till all hours, Saturdays at the library till closing, leaving and cleaving, setting boundaries, dying to self, believing the best, partaking in costly acts of forgiveness and mercy: it’s some of the toughest and most luscious terrain life offers us, this marriage covenant.

But back to hope. I have so much hope as I sit here meditating on a long and abundant year, soaking my recently pedicured feet, prepping for a special dinner at Zola’s, our sacred tucked-away place.

I have hope that I’ll love better.

I have hope for all our dreams.

I have hope that we will always thrive and flourish in fertile love, even when a severe and unrelenting world bends and breaks us.

I have hope, for I have Jason.



  1. Happy anniversary, my dear friend!

  2. Today is year number one! Congratulations and may God continue to richly bless your marriage!

  3. Congratulations you guys, it certainly is an adventure, huh? I’m gonna have to try Zola’s… haven’t been there yet.

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