Posted by: pendrops | April 3, 2007

sacramental moments


In anticipation of Passion Week, we took Communion at church on Sunday. I’m reminded each time I take the bread and the cup at the animated-ness of the sacred occasion. It is about life, real life – eternal life, among other things. And the moment is charged and unpredictable, holy and raw. It feels especially that way the week before Resurrection Sunday.

As I was reading this week, I came on Frederick Buechner’s take on the sacrament. Here’s what he says:

A sacrament is when something holy happens.

Generally speaking, Protestants have two official sacraments (the Lord’s Supper, Baptism)…

At such milestone moments…you are apt to catch a glimpse of the almost unbearable preciousness and mystery of life.

Sacramental moments can occur at any moment, at any place, and to anybody. Watching something get born. Making love. A walk on the beach. Somebody coming to see you when you’re sick. A meal with people you love. Looking into a stranger’s eyes and finding out he’s not a stranger.

If we weren’t blind as bats, we might see that life itself is sacramental.

Wishful Thinking

May our every week be charged with a sacred passion.



  1. Ooooh how I love me som Buechner, especially this time of the calendar, it’s a sacrement unto itself for me.

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