Posted by: pendrops | February 26, 2007

broken world


I don’t know if my eyes have been blind all these years, or purposely closed, but now more than ever I am seeing the brokenness in our world. I was at Border’s yesterday afternoon and, in about 30 minutes, encountered a boy with cerebral palsy, a man with shrunken hands the size of a child’s, and an old woman with a hunchback bigger than I’ve ever seen.

Their deformities reminded me that this is a sad world we live in. Unfairness surrounds on every side. None of these people asked for physical handicaps that impact every moment of their lives. This isn’t like the drug addict that’s brought on her injury. Mercy is for her, too, but this is pure and simple injustice.

Still the thing that struck me most as I watched them was not their dejection or defeat. It was triumph. Beauty in ashes. The palsy boy limped with agility behind the counter, aptly creating caffeinated concoctions for a room full of customers. The overweight man with child-sized hands picked out magazines and fervently flipped through the slick, thin pages. The hunchbacked woman ate her biscotti and sipped her tea with a smile on her face as she read the Sunday paper.

As I caught their eyes, I smiled at them, offering these passing strangers what I could in the way of kindness and acceptance. But it wasn’t until I glanced at the girl in the corner that I realized it: we’re all broken. We don’t all have a gimp, shriveled hands, or a hunchback, but we all bear scars on our weary selves. Many of us just have an easier time masking them.

As Bob Dylan sang from my iTunes, “…knocking on heaven’s door…” I glanced again at the perfectly-made-up, beauty-queen teeny-bop at her table-for-one and smiled. She didn’t exactly smile back, but it’s okay. She has a gimp, too. It just doesn’t show.



  1. “…Seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.” – Matthew 13:13

    Thank you for helping us all have “eyes to see.” It is easy to assume that those who appear to have it all together, have it all together.

    We are all limping, and offered healing.

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