Posted by: pendrops | February 2, 2007



I’d forgotten how beautiful snow is until I opened the blinds this morning to find a thin blanket of it covering grass, branches, cars and the roofs of every building in sight. I audibly gasped, awed again, like a child, at the exquisiteness of the white fluff.

Back in Illinois, my home state, the white stuff is common, lingering until the bitter, ugly end when cinders and mud have turned it from a pristine covering into black slush. But here in Tennessee, where rock salt and snow plows are scarce, the snow remains untouched, a flawless blanket. Oh, it melts, usually by afternoon or the next morning, but there’s something about the surprise, the unexpectedness of it, the way it catches us off-guard and unprepared for its coming (even if the forecasters have been promising it since before Christmas).

I’m watching a man in the parking lot now as he stands at his SUV, undone by this frozen water. He rummages in his backseat and emerges with a CD case that he uses to brush the snow away and scrape at the ice on his windshield. It gets the job done, but I have to laugh as the snow falls from his car onto his coat and jeans and shoes, maybe the first snow he’s ever felt.

Since moving to Nashville, I have half-mocked the Southerners who speak of snow like it’s the most rare and precious thing you can find. It’s a commonality where I come from. But I suppose I’ve been here long enough now, long enough to forget the ordinaryness of frozen precipitation, because this morning when I woke up and saw the world outside my window, a breath caught in my throat: “snow!”



  1. Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow- I want to wash my hair, my hands, my face in SNOW! Enjoy your winter wonderland today! I wonder if the groundhog saw his shawdow today?

  2. Your tenderness and childlike awe of the snow outside your window takes me back to my younger years. When snow meant playing outside, sledding, hot chocolate, and the joy of it! Thank you for bringing that back to me!

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