Posted by: pendrops | January 20, 2007

always dance


I happened across the Cosby Show the other night, the favorite sitcom of my youth, and hunkered down into the corner of the couch to laugh with the Huxtables for 30 minutes. In this episode, a very pregnant Sondra and Elvin were living in a rundown one-room apartment with a tuba-playing neighbor and barely-running brown water. The episode consisted of Cliff and Clair pleading with Elvin and Sondra to find a better place to live – for the baby’s sake.

By the end of the episode, Elvin and Sondra conceded that they needed a better arrangement and found a new apartment where they could start their family. The show ended with Elvin and Sondra eating dinner with Cliff and Clair their last night at the apartment. When the tuba player started up, Cliff and Clair rolled their eyes. But Elvin turned to Sondra, smiled, and, without a word, took her hand and led her to the middle of the room. There they danced as the notes echoed through the building.

I wiped away tears as the familiar theme song played. And I thought about Jason and me, about the peculiarities and hilarities and strange, resounding harmonies these past several months of marriage, the oddities and obstacles that have peppered our days together. Burnt dinners, car problems, fights over folding socks, and our own bizzare upstairs neighbors. Dreams shared over rubbery chicken and buttery wine, love notes left in unexpected places, and dancing in the silence of our little apartment to nothing but the rhythm of our song.

It’s the stuff of being newly wed, the sacred moments unique to the early days of exploring and familiarizing yourself with the terrain of each other’s lives – the exterior, the interior, and the even deeper landscape.

There’s something sweet, like a whispered secret, between a couple just married that no one else can hear. It’s that secret only told once you’ve found your way together through some frustrations, disappointments, questions, and a lot of laughter. When you begin to understand the unsaid things. When you take each other’s hand and dance together in an unlikely moment, a moment anyone else would miss – simply because you have each other.

I think we’ll always dance.




  1. Beautiful!

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