Posted by: pendrops | December 9, 2006

Jesus at Barnes and Noble


Last night I saw Jesus. He was walking around Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee and his wife. Actually, it was the guy that my Gram always thought of as Jesus: Guy Penrod. “I just know that’s what Jesus looks like,” she would say, pointing at the tallest member of the Gaither Vocal Band on TV.

I have to admit, the man does have a certain messianic savior look about him. Long hair, dark eyebrows, deep brown eyes. His smile is gentle and genuine, his height gives him the appearance of authority and wisdom, and that voice. That clear soulful tenor.

I find myself staring at him as he lingers in the cafe, wishing Gram were here with me to see “her” Jesus. Tears make my eyes misty, but then I remember. And it’s OK.

She’s face to face with Jesus. The real Jesus. Not some temporary version, some human consolation. Nope, she’s supping with God incarnate, and I’m down here trying to imagine His face. Wondering if Gram was right; wondering if Guy Penrod really does look like Jesus.



  1. I was Guy’s pastor for a while. He is really genuine, Loves God and is the real deal.

  2. What comfort & joy to know where are loved ones are & also to have so many memories that can bring a smile. You know Gram would have wanted to get a picture with Guy!

  3. oh frit! how precious these few paragraphs are. thank you for writing them. gram IS with Jesus right now. you made that really real for me when i read this. thanks! love you!

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