Posted by: pendrops | November 27, 2006

loose change


I’ve started picking up pennies when I find them on the ground. Maybe it’s because freelance writing doesn’t pay very well and every little bit helps. Maybe it’s in memory of my Grandpa Arlie, who always picked up loose change and saved it in mayonnaise jars.

Really, I think it’s because lately I’ve been drawn to the discarded, the slighted, the common. I’ve dropped my share of pennies like everyone else, only to shrug it off. “Aw, it’s just a penny,” I say, opting to keep walking rather than stoop down, touch the ground, and retrieve the copper coin.

Not anymore. This year God has pulled me aside, looked me in the eyes, and taught me about His heart of redemption and mercy. He’s shown me the ways He picks me up and buys me back every day from the thieves I sell myself to. Thieves who leave me to be stepped on, forgotten, and devalued.

That’s why I’ve taken to collecting abandoned pennies. With each dull, dirty coin I bend to pick up, I learn something about the value of seeming worthless things.


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