Posted by: pendrops | November 22, 2006

You are


You are
Satisfier of the soul
Fulfiller of the empty
Defender of the weak
Power to the faint
Song to the troubled
Everything to the broken.

& You are
Justice to the depraved
Mercy to the heartless
Comfort to the mourning
Keeper of the wanderer
Shepherd of the foolish
Beauty of the repulsive.

& You are
Provider of the poor
Healer of the sick
Redeemer of the slave
Life to the dying
Peace to the fearful
Savior to the wretch.

& You are
Champion to the losers
Goodness to the evil
Love to the hated
Glory of the condemned
King of all Creation
Possessor of the universe.

You are.



  1. Greatness.

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