Posted by: pendrops | November 13, 2006

mustard seed hope


Have you ever misplaced something and, after realizing that this something is not where it should be, searched in every nook and cranny with frantic desperation? Have you ever riffled through box after box, discovering tattered treasures that you would gladly trade for this one precious item? And have you ever given up, shamefully surrendering despite the diligence, passion and cleverness you employed in the hunt?

I have.

Six years ago, I lost a necklace charm my Auntie and Grandma June gave me when I graduated from high school. I remember unwrapping the plush white box, pulling the exquisite gold chain out, and catching my breath at the delicate charm.

It took me a second to understand the meaning of the miniature container of mustard seeds dangling from the chain. But then I remembered Jesus’ words about faith, mountains and infinite possibilities. I would cling to the truth it represented and wear it everyday as I started new chapters in my young life.

Then I lost the charm in my move to Nashville. For a while, I tortured myself: How could you misplace something so special, I’d ask when catching a glimpse of the shimmery gold chain in my jewelry box.

In guilt, sadness and anger, I searched for the priceless gift, but gave up not long ago. The item had been swallowed into that black hole where all unfound objects go. That was that.

But without my knowing, hope lingered. Every once in a while, she would make me believe that I would find the charm unexpectedly someday. Like on a Sunday night as I rummaged through a box of old decorations.

I was unpacking Christmas odds and ends, sifting through a tub of various knick-knacks, when my hand bumped a small box. The lid popped off and the contents spilled into the tub. I smiled as I glanced at these forgotten items: Grandpa Arlie’s cuff links, old skeleton keys, and dried rose petals from Grandma June’s funeral. As I picked up the pieces of my past, placing them carefully back into the box, I noticed it.

Without asking how it landed in such an odd place, I grasped the mustard seed charm in my hand and quietly held it to my heart. Just like that, I had found my lost treasure.



  1. How timely this is, just the other day for some reason as I passed Bremer’s Jewerly I thought of that Spring Day Mom and I walked in that sparkling place to find something for our Dear Krista!
    I did not know it was lost, but I am so glad you had your breath taken away by it again.
    Love Auntie 🙂

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