Posted by: pendrops | November 12, 2006

He’s laughing


I’m watching C-SPAN’s Book-TV and, in his highbred English accent, Richard Dawkins is talking about his most recent book, The God Delusion. I happen to flip through in the middle of his Q&A with students, professors, atheists and believers in Lynchburg, Virginia.

“Darwinism,” he says, “raises our consciousness to the power of science.” He argues that Darwin fully and simply explained that the created world as we know it was an integral part of it’s own making. No outside creator necessary.

Dawkins goes on, answering a student from Liberty University, by saying, “If God exists, He would have to be a very, very complicated thing indeed.” After a life of unbelief, Dawkins has concluded that if you’re trying to understand God, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Comprehending Him is far more difficult than comprehending physical matters of the universe.

Can’t argue with that. God is a very complicated Being. He is unfathomable, unsearchable, mysterious. But is it a good reason not to believe? Because the object of belief is difficult to understand? That’s almost like saying, “I’m not going to love my husband because I don’t understand him.” There are millions of things in the tangible world that can’t be fully understood. C’mon, Richard! Isn’t it a little presumptuous to believe we can acquire the answers to everything?

My heart is racing and my face is flushed red at each of his elegantly articulated barbs at God and those who believe in Him. I’m an open-minded gal, but after 30 minutes of listening to this arrogant, self-important man and hearing the thick, angry applause and laughter erupt at each jab, I am turning the channel. It’s my only recourse.

I think I’m most frustrated that I don’t have an intelligent argument. That I can’t stand up for God. As I flip to a palatable diversion, (Iron Chef on The Food Network), Psalm 2:4 pops into my head: “Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing…He is amused at their presumption.”

I don’t have to have an argument (although it wouldn’t be such a bad idea). God is taking care of Himself. He’s not sitting on his throne, wigging out because Richard Dawkins doesn’t believe in Him. He’s laughing.


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