Posted by: pendrops | November 7, 2006

i voted


Today, I stood in line at a church, waiting to cast my vote for what unfortunately felt like the lesser of two evils. I love my country and treasure the right to vote, but I have to admit that I’ve become a bit jaded in recent years. Right or wrong, I have decided that there are no good guys in Washington…only not-so-bad guys.

I was thinking about this, about how small my voice sounded against the whirring and clanking of political machines, when a string of kids holding hands weaved their way past my section of line.

Where’d they come from, I wondered, as an endless line of four-year-olds skipped and stutter-stepped by me. Must be the church’s daycare program, I decided. More kids came, quietly giggling and timidly starring up with big eyes at all the strangers.

And in that moment, my cynicism melted. Something in their faces gave me faith. Something in their laughter made me believe. Something in their eyes offered hope. And I remembered why I was there.


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