Posted by: pendrops | October 10, 2006

hair daze


I got my hair cut today. I have been growing it out the past couple months, working toward that messy Sharon Stone look, and I had an appointment tomorrow to have it slightly trimmed up. But after several insufferable days of wicked bad hair, even 24 hours seemed too long to wait for my appointment. So, I called the salon first thing this morning and got in.

For those of you who know me, you know that I have had short-short hair for almost 10 years. You also know that at least once a year, I get a wild hair (no pun intended) about growing my hair out. I never plan on growing it very long. All I ever want is an alternative version of a short do, something that I can tuck behind my ears or put a barrette in.

But no sooner do I get the urge to grow out, optimistically proclaiming to my stylist and the world that I’m going for a new look, than I start having way too many bad hair days in a row. And this inevitably leads me to give up, calling my salon to make an emergency appointment asap.

But today I didn’t see it as giving up. Today I saw it as returning to myself. As my stylist clipped and razored and texturized my hair, I couldn’t help feeling lighter, happier, more like me. Strange as it sounds, I felt like Lenny Kravitz. When asked how he felt after having his dreads chopped off several years ago, he said it was a spiritual experience. As the strawberry blonde clippings fluttered onto my face, tickling my nose, I had my own spiritual experience. I became the real version of Krista again.

And as good as it feels to be me, don’t be surprised if I’m trying to grow my hair out the next time you see me. Just humor me. It won’t take long for a string of bad hair days to set me right.

(On a side note, my longest growing out attempt lasted nine months, which is, by the way, a lot of bad hair days!)


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