Posted by: pendrops | October 2, 2006

changes come


Being home when you don’t live there anymore is strange. I’m in Peoria and it’s been weird the past couple days seeing all the changes in the town where I lived so much of my life. Everything always seemed comfortable and constant, but now vacant buildings abound throughout the city, closed down and emptied out with no foreseeable future. City landmarks and one-of-a-kind restaurants have closed, reopened and, finally, closed again. New Wal-marts, Targets, and CVSs litter serene fields of swaying grains. And a new highway through the heart of town has forced me to ask for directions in a place I thought I knew so well.

But then there’s Trefzger’s, the 150-year-old bakery a block away from the house I grew up in, standing as a monument to German pastries and a testament to the beauty of family-owned businesses that outlast the cookie-cutter-ness of modern life. And there’s Emo’s too, offering creamy hand-dipped ice cream cones for sale in the summer, Christmas trees for sale in the winter, and, today, pumpkins and cornstalks. There’s the cornfields, wheatfields, and soy bean fields, too; the farmers harvesting mile after mile of the sprawling quiet flatlands.

Still, Trefzger’s will go out of business someday. Emo’s will, too. And who’s to say the fields that produce the majority of the world’s food will not eventually be compromised by pollution or big business or both?

Peoria has changed without me…and I have most definitely changed without it. But the one thing that will never change, no matter how many other things change (and no matter how much I change) is the sky. The way the sun comes up, rising like a shoot out of fertile ground, pulling itself out of the east and inching its way across the wide open blue. The way a thunderhead reveals itself far off in the distance, long before it brings rain, and creeps across the slate-grey expanse. The way a sunset lasts all evening, the broad sky a stage for the sinking orb that throws her rays through streaks of indigo, lavender and cerulean cloud.



  1. So what you are saying is that Trefzger’s is better than Krispy Kreme? :0

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