Posted by: pendrops | September 21, 2006



This afternoon, I noticed pinwheels stuck in the ground at the entrance to a local grade school. They twirled in the late-summer breezes, each one different, spinning at its own pace, and not sparkling the way store-bought pinwheels do. As I drove closer to them, they appeared homemade with construction paper loosely attached to thin wooden sticks. Colors varied, and clumps of glued-on sparkles and crayon scrawls decorated the wheels. They were modest and, somehow, extraordinary.

I imagined the children, probably first or second grade, marching in a muddled mass out to the entrance and proudly planting their unique creations in the dewy morning ground. As I passed the display, it must have been the simplicity, the freedom, the innocence that made me smile. I wanted to know how to make my own pinwheel and plant it with theirs.


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