Posted by: pendrops | September 11, 2006



This morning, I struggle to match words with the whirlwind of memories and emotions that will always attach themselves to this date, September 11. We all have our own remembrances, our own feelings, our own thoughts about this day that changed things for always. These are some of mine.

Time has started its healing process. In the past five years, we’ve seen progress – both here and in the Middle East – and that gives us hope. And hope heals the sadness, the pain, the loss of innocence.

I can’t imagine losing someone the way so many people lost friends and family that day. I wonder if they are still traumatized today, if they still have nightmares, if the children still ask about mommy or daddy. I wonder how these loved ones have made it to this point, how they have grieved, how they have even found the will to get out of bed and just breathe.

I can’t help thinking as I watch the ceremonies, the weeping faces, the footage from that day, that we have several options. We can choose fear – fear of terrorists, fear of the unknown, fear of confusion. We can deny – deny our emotions, deny reality, deny the necessity for action. Or we can hope – hope for resolution, hope for freedom, hope for peace.

In my remembrance today, I turned to Psalm 103:19, the same verse I turned to on that frightening, restless day: “God has set his throne in heaven; He rules over us all. He’s the King!”

May God have mercy on and bless America.



  1. Today has been a very hard day to be away from home – what gives me hope & peace is knowing Psalm 103:19 is true.

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