Posted by: pendrops | September 7, 2006



Jason and I have a pet spider at our apartment. Not by choice. Never by choice. As long as I’m above ground there will never be a spider deliberately living under my roof. But we have a pet spider nonetheless. I’ve named him Shoe because as soon as either Jason or I can reach him with a shoe, he’s gone.

Only problem is Shoe has made a permanent home on our ceiling. (Dang it, why did we have to go with the high ceilings.) All day he moseys around the vast span of our dining room, kitchen and living room with no apparent direction or purpose. He doesn’t spin webs, he doesn’t vanish inside of cracks or cubbies, and he won’t even come down to eat the ant colony that has taken permanent residence (despite heroic efforts) in our kitchen.

Nope, Shoe just stays on the ceiling, out of reach, creeping around all day. And while my ignorance about spider species frightens me a bit, I don’t think he’s a black widow (he’s too big) or a brown recluse (he’s not reclusing).

So, while I’m not particularly glad he’s here, Shoe is not hurting anyone. I guess we’ll just enjoy him until he gives me a heart attack some morning by showing up on the shower curtain.


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