Posted by: pendrops | August 2, 2006



I miss my dog, Izzy. She’s living in England while my parents are there on a job assignment. The past couple days I’ve sort of been begging Jason for a dog. Just a little one. A teacup Yorkie, maybe. Or a tiny Maltese. But I know it’s not the right time. We’re in an apartment and it’s hard having a dog in an apartment. There are still stains on my carpet where Izzy-poot (that’s what Jason calls her) tinkled and pooped while she lived with me.


But there’s so much joy that a dog brings, too. Especially a sweet pup like Izzy. The way she would hop up into my lap, curl herself into a ball, and hide behind the bend in my knee. Or the way she’d run around the backyard, fast as lightning, her hair blown back and all four tiny legs off the ground. Or the way she’d jump up onto my bed when I was sick, lick my face a couple times, and then cuddle up at my feet as if to say, “If you need anything, you just let me know.”


Dogs don’t have to do much to find a way into your heart. For me, it was Izzy’s sweet chocolate eyes, her fluffy tufts of hair, and the way she’d jump up to my waist (all five pounds of her) when I’d come home from work. She loves my family and me with reckless abandon. Almost not caring if we don’t want her to lick our face or climb in our lap. She constantly wants to tell us she loves us, even when we hold up our hands and say, “Not now, Izzy.” The little girl just makes me smile. And you just can’t help missing those happy things when they’re not around.



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