Posted by: pendrops | June 28, 2006

grandma june’s backyard


This morning, something in the air reminded me of Grandma June’s backyard. On balmy summer mornings like this, the sweet dew would stand on the tips of grass blades and the leaves of Grandpa Arlie’s tomato plants. And the cottonwood tree, shedding small twigs and leaves on the patio, would hover over and shade me as I’d swing all day – singing songs, telling stories, and creating worlds the way kids do.



  1. I have goosebumps.

    It’s the smell of oranges that brings me back to my grandma’s back porch. She and my Poppie lived near the Tropicana plant in Bradenton, FL. She had a pet raccoon that wandered around her yard and ate cat food off of the back porch.

    (I’ll never forget her making bow and arrows with palm frons, so that we could shoot each other. Safety third!!)

  2. My poor tomato plant in a flower pot in my backyard would make Dad (Grandpa Arlie) laugh. I thought of that the other day sitting in my swing under my tree sipping sweet tea and just loving the summer day. I love summer time when the living is supposed to easy!

  3. I loved that backyard too! When I was growing up I never imagined my little girl would play in the same spots I did & find songs & stories of her own. 305 Chalmers was a good place to be!

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