Posted by: pendrops | June 18, 2006



“The melody haunts my reverie and I am once again with you…”

Last night, Jason and I ate at a local Italian restaurant, chattering about life and dreams and our time at Fall Creek Falls. Toward the end of our meal, the music became louder.

“It sounds like there’s a violinist over there,” I commented, pointing toward the corner of the restaurant.

Sure enough, a thin, dark-haired girl played masterfully as conversations buzzed against the backdrop of her sonorous instrument.

“Can you have the violinist come to our table?” I asked our waitress a few minutes later as she took our plates away.

Jason and I were talking when the girl with the violin showed up at our table. She was shy and meek. “You would like me to play something for you?”

“Yes,” I stammered, glancing at Jason. I’d never requested a song from a live musician before. “Um, do you know Stardust?”

She looked surprised. “Yes. Yes, I do.”

She stepped back several feet, asking us to be sure we could hear her, and then she began. The familiar melody, my most favorite melody, filled the bustling room. An old lady at the table just next to the girl stuffed several bills in the violinist’s tip bag that dangled from the the neck of her instrument. She seemed to think the song was for her. But it wasn’t.

The violinist continued, capturing the magic of the haunting melody. I looked at Jason, awe-struck tears streaming down my face, caught off-guard by the simple beauty and captivating mystery of this song that I have loved for so many years. But mostly, I was overwhelmed to be sharing the moment with him.

I’ve always listened to Stardust by myself, but tonight I shared it with Jason. And I let the moment sink deep down and brushed another tear away as the final refrain lingered.


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