Posted by: pendrops | June 17, 2006

reflections on fall creek falls


I don’t think they spray for bugs out here – like we do in the city. But I wish they would. This balcony would be much more enjoyable without the web-weaving spiders, blood-sucking mosquitos and myriad other buzzing insect species I’ve never seen before. They shouldn’t do that though. Spraying would probably upset the whole state park ecosystem.


Irritating voices and trolling motors echo over the lake. They mingle with the crickets, birds and katydids that make their nocturnal homes in the mud, under fallen leaves, and on the edge of the lakeside treeline. And I have a mind to be mad about the obnoxious red-necks on their balcony and the sputtering, puttering motor. But then I remember that the late-night fisherman and our intoxicated neighbors are part of this messy creation, too.



For several years now, Homedics has been making these plastic, miniature waterfalls that you can have in your home to make you feel natural and serene. I used to have one next to my bed. But they are a sad, distant cry from this fall with its glistening crags, misty spray and deafening wind. The force of the water slapped me in the face as Jason and I sat on a rock bigger than some houses. And I was suddenly sickened by all the fake things I always thought were real.


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